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The Nigerian Musician – Femi Kuti | ELdee | Mode 9

Music is the most popular arts for listening and entertainments and music is popular from the ancient times however it always been changing or evaluating duration of the period to period and generation to generations. The world music has many type likes cultural or traditional to moderns. The Nigerian music is the best in the niche among the world music industries.

The Nigerian music is full of the many creative artists likes Femi Kuti, ELdee, Mode 9 and so many others. They have own especial music styles for their music lovers and their stage show is the energetic and mind blowing. The many genres like Afro beat, Juju, Hip Hop, Rap, Gospel are the symbol of the Nigerian musician.

Femi Kuti – A Fighter again the Poverty and Corruption

Femi Kuti is the top powerful celebrity of the Africa and the popular music artist of the Nigerian music Industries he performs the mind blowing Afro beat in his music albums and songs. Femi Kuti not just the best artist along it he is the powerful and good social activist and bold personality who expose the Nigerian government corruptions and represent the strongly poverty of the country. Femi is the active member of the popular social active group ONE.ORG.

Fela Kuti his father is the ideal of the Femi Kuti and not just follows the Afro beat but also powerfully introduces the social issues and voice of the needy and suffers peoples in the Femi Kuti Videos Songs and this song’s lyrics are definitely touching your hearts. In the long career so many music songs or music albums and stage performance. Millions of Femi Kuti music copies sell still today in the Africa and English speaking countries.

Eldee   – the Musician cum Architecture

Eldee is the one of the best rapper, song writer cum record producer of the Nigerian music enterprise and professional architecture of the Lagos city. Lanre Dabiri aka Eldee come into the music enterprise in the 21 years old age and still today more than 15 years long music carrier and yet he has the ever creative music for Edlee music fan club. He is the fantastic artist of the stage performance.

The Eldee Songs are the full of the energetic music sounds and beautiful genre African hip hop, his music songs writing to record all things are done by himself. He is the very talented, professional and visionary personality of the Nigeria.

Babatunde Olusegun Adewale FKA Mode 9

Mode 9 is the one of the famous names of the Nigerian stage music, mode 9 is the best Rapper and experts of the hip hop. The Mode 9 is the still today release the six music albums. He is performing the original Hip hop and strongly sticks with the originality style of the hiphop genre instead of the getting cheap popularity. If you want to watch the original Hip hop then Mode 9 Music Songs are perfect for your choice.


The Nigerian young rapper – Bouqui | Eedris Abdulkareem

The music is the most entertaining and mind changing arts and feel you better or energetic you from the long lasting to still now the popularity of music is never decline and every country and culture has the personal traditional own music, however in the last century many musicians bring the new genre or style on the world music stage.

All countries have the best traditional and popular music but when we discourse about the world music then must be talking about the Nigerian music of course the Nigerian music is the rich by the numbers of world class musicians and many popular genres are performed by the Nigerian musician.

Bouqui – The Hot Female Rapper

Bouqui aka Bukola Folayan is hottest female rapper of the Nigerian Industries, she is the ideal for who lady lost her dreams. She is the best gospel rapper and many Bouqui Music Songs are really feeling the positive and the dignity impact on her stage show. She is highly positive and god believe strong female musician of the African continent.

She is belonging to music family and that is the main reasons that inspire to choosing the music, she is performs on the many stage still today and her music lover seriously crazy for her music albums. Her music albums title with ‘Redefinition’ fantastic music albums by her.

Asa and Bez – Singer and Song Writer

When we talk about the Nigerian music then Asa and Bez both are the important parts of the Nigerian music industries and both are early age start own music journey. Bez Aka Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula is the recently got a proud as the number one among the Top 12 Musician to look out for 2014 by the popular magazine Pulse. Asa Aka Bukola Elemide got the prouder of the Top 40 Celebrity in the Africa in 2011 by the very reputed magazine by the Forbes.

Numbers of the African music lovers are like for Asa Music Video to watch for her Indie pop and Jazz performance really amazing performer of the these two genres. The more interesting things about Asa that she is born in the Paris and also writing the songs in the French language.

Bez is the very popular musician of the world. Bez Music Albums are very popular in the youngsters. His ‘Super Sun’ music albums in the top 3 position in the world music albums! In the year of 2011.

Eedris Abdulkareem a Nigerian Rapper

Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenifuja is the reputed name among the top Nigerian rappers. Eedris Abdulkareem Music albums are very much popular in the young. He is really a revolutionist Nigerian musician and it can be predict by his music albums.

Many albums have been released still today under the Kennis Music and La Kareem Music recorder his albums Letters to Mr. President is so much popular music albums by him. He is releasing two parts of the ‘jaga jaga’ in 2004 and 2012.

Music Of Nigeria – A gift for ears

The music of Nigeria is known for it’s traditional folk style songs that narrates their culture, traditions and social and political conditions and also for the rap songs that has become a trend world wide. The music of Nigeria depicts their emotions, relationships and other aspects influencing their lives. One of the most popular styles in the Nigerian Music is the Afrobeat which has gained a lot of popularity in the entire western Africa. The other styles of music include Waka, Reggae, hip hop and so on.


Reason for their worldwide popularity


The main reason for the world wide popularity in these genres of songs is because of their unique styles that are inimitable and are the best when at their original forms. The pure essence of all these styles whether be it hip hop or be it rap, they lay exclusive with the people of Nigeria. The process of globalization has spread not only cultures around but also music. The Nigerian music can now be listened to from any part of the world. The large numbers of Nigeria music sites are available online for the people of Nigeria to listen to their very own Nigerian songs no matter where they are.


How these songs bond the Nigerians?


These songs keep the people of Nigeria connected with each other and to their homeland through emotions and fellow feelings irrespective of their place of birth or profession or at which part of the world they had to move to. The spirit of the Nigerian music keeps on bringing them back to their roots. They can simply visit a Nigeria music site and download Nigerian music from the site. Songs of all the Nigerian singers across all genres are available on these sites. One can download whatever song they wish to listen to from these sites. The easy and free to download song links are provided for anybody to catch up with the music of the land.


The music has developed and attained different forms over the decades. One of the most popular Nigerian singers who has earned a lot of fame over the years is Davis Adedeji Adeleke more populary know as Davido. He is though born in USA to Nigerian parents have flung to fame with his album Dami Duro. This has been widely acclaimed in Nigeria and he has been elevated to the status of youth icon with the number of other albums that followed. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. He has own a number of awards for his music albums. His concerts have recorded huge turnouts which telltales his popularity amongst the youngsters.


The Davido music albums are available widely on the internet and can be downloaded from any of the Nigeria music site. The Nigerian music download sites have all the collection of the Davido music and to Download Davido Music one has to simply visit these sites and get the songs for free. Davido is currently working on a number of music albums and has been busy recording with other music artistes. These albums would be out soon to be on the top of the charts of Nigerian and African music.

Music of Nigeria – Download it and experience the feel of awesome music

Rapping or Hiphop, which is one of the most famous genre of music in Nigeria has also received world wide acclamation. Rapping and hiphop is a very well received song type and Nigeria has produced some of the most famous rapper and hiphop singers of their times. Nigeria releases a large number of albums every year and many of them become chartbusters at few of the most prestigious music platforms of the world. The Nigerian Music ain’t only confined to its own country but is also going overseas. At the international platform it is a very popular music trend itself. It has its own charm and style which is often adopted in other forms of music as well, but the originality of it is only their expertise.


Downloading being done actively around the world

Nigerian music have also recorded very high downloads online and are also amongst very highly viewed music videos as well. Few of the most popular downloads of the 2013 include albums of Sean Tizzle, Maleek Berry, Davido and so on. Every year records high number of hits and the music industry in Nigeria is a very flourishing one. The common pop and hiphop genre has taken over the original music style of Nigerian Folk songs. The songs are more for a mass appeal and for a larger audience. Another form of music which is very common in Nigeria is Highlife which is characterized by jazzy music and many guitars and the sub genre of which is Jorome.


Unique style of music

The music that intrinsically belong to Nigeria can be realized by it’s own unique style. The songs depict their culture, their religion and their way of life. The songs are very much Naija. There are many online Nigerian Music Sites that offer download of Nigeria’s very own albums. Everything from the hit songs of the year to the moderate ones all are available on these Nigerian music sites. The easy to download songs are arranged systematically for the convenience of the user. Download Nigerian music from these online sites and become lost in the music. The Nigerian music gives us an idea about the real condition of the Nigerian society, their culture, their social issues, lifestyle, and also keeps their people rooted to their soil.


These songs are available online in many formats such as mp3. To Download Nigerian Music you just need to google it and get the entire website that have Nigerian music for download. Though the music is available extensively in Nigeria and also in Africa, it might not be available so widely in the other countries. And for that downloading the songs is the only option. These sites offer high quality music for the users and retain the essence of the original.


You get all the songs on these sites and also updates on the most trending and the most popular track in Nigeria as well. So even if you are not in Nigeria, these websites make sure that you are not losing out on anything. So get the chartbusters at your fingertips anytime anywhere.