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Music Of Nigeria – A gift for ears

The music of Nigeria is known for it’s traditional folk style songs that narrates their culture, traditions and social and political conditions and also for the rap songs that has become a trend world wide. The music of Nigeria depicts their emotions, relationships and other aspects influencing their lives. One of the most popular styles in the Nigerian Music is the Afrobeat which has gained a lot of popularity in the entire western Africa. The other styles of music include Waka, Reggae, hip hop and so on.


Reason for their worldwide popularity


The main reason for the world wide popularity in these genres of songs is because of their unique styles that are inimitable and are the best when at their original forms. The pure essence of all these styles whether be it hip hop or be it rap, they lay exclusive with the people of Nigeria. The process of globalization has spread not only cultures around but also music. The Nigerian music can now be listened to from any part of the world. The large numbers of Nigeria music sites are available online for the people of Nigeria to listen to their very own Nigerian songs no matter where they are.


How these songs bond the Nigerians?


These songs keep the people of Nigeria connected with each other and to their homeland through emotions and fellow feelings irrespective of their place of birth or profession or at which part of the world they had to move to. The spirit of the Nigerian music keeps on bringing them back to their roots. They can simply visit a Nigeria music site and download Nigerian music from the site. Songs of all the Nigerian singers across all genres are available on these sites. One can download whatever song they wish to listen to from these sites. The easy and free to download song links are provided for anybody to catch up with the music of the land.


The music has developed and attained different forms over the decades. One of the most popular Nigerian singers who has earned a lot of fame over the years is Davis Adedeji Adeleke more populary know as Davido. He is though born in USA to Nigerian parents have flung to fame with his album Dami Duro. This has been widely acclaimed in Nigeria and he has been elevated to the status of youth icon with the number of other albums that followed. He is a singer, songwriter and producer. He has own a number of awards for his music albums. His concerts have recorded huge turnouts which telltales his popularity amongst the youngsters.


The Davido music albums are available widely on the internet and can be downloaded from any of the Nigeria music site. The Nigerian music download sites have all the collection of the Davido music and to Download Davido Music one has to simply visit these sites and get the songs for free. Davido is currently working on a number of music albums and has been busy recording with other music artistes. These albums would be out soon to be on the top of the charts of Nigerian and African music.