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The Nigerian Musician – Femi Kuti | ELdee | Mode 9

Music is the most popular arts for listening and entertainments and music is popular from the ancient times however it always been changing or evaluating duration of the period to period and generation to generations. The world music has many type likes cultural or traditional to moderns. The Nigerian music is the best in the niche among the world music industries.

The Nigerian music is full of the many creative artists likes Femi Kuti, ELdee, Mode 9 and so many others. They have own especial music styles for their music lovers and their stage show is the energetic and mind blowing. The many genres like Afro beat, Juju, Hip Hop, Rap, Gospel are the symbol of the Nigerian musician.

Femi Kuti – A Fighter again the Poverty and Corruption

Femi Kuti is the top powerful celebrity of the Africa and the popular music artist of the Nigerian music Industries he performs the mind blowing Afro beat in his music albums and songs. Femi Kuti not just the best artist along it he is the powerful and good social activist and bold personality who expose the Nigerian government corruptions and represent the strongly poverty of the country. Femi is the active member of the popular social active group ONE.ORG.

Fela Kuti his father is the ideal of the Femi Kuti and not just follows the Afro beat but also powerfully introduces the social issues and voice of the needy and suffers peoples in the Femi Kuti Videos Songs and this song’s lyrics are definitely touching your hearts. In the long career so many music songs or music albums and stage performance. Millions of Femi Kuti music copies sell still today in the Africa and English speaking countries.

Eldee   – the Musician cum Architecture

Eldee is the one of the best rapper, song writer cum record producer of the Nigerian music enterprise and professional architecture of the Lagos city. Lanre Dabiri aka Eldee come into the music enterprise in the 21 years old age and still today more than 15 years long music carrier and yet he has the ever creative music for Edlee music fan club. He is the fantastic artist of the stage performance.

The Eldee Songs are the full of the energetic music sounds and beautiful genre African hip hop, his music songs writing to record all things are done by himself. He is the very talented, professional and visionary personality of the Nigeria.

Babatunde Olusegun Adewale FKA Mode 9

Mode 9 is the one of the famous names of the Nigerian stage music, mode 9 is the best Rapper and experts of the hip hop. The Mode 9 is the still today release the six music albums. He is performing the original Hip hop and strongly sticks with the originality style of the hiphop genre instead of the getting cheap popularity. If you want to watch the original Hip hop then Mode 9 Music Songs are perfect for your choice.